Politically correct that is…

I saw this pic on another group recently

1375778_10153314012470035_1975051503_nNow, I’m not calling out the person who posted this, I know she meant no harm.  She is working hard to become fit however, when I quickly read this I thought “what about the skinny girls?” What’s wrong with them?

Sometimes I feel like I have to tread on water when I write.  Not because I have to but more so because I am the type of person who doesn’t like to hurt other peoples feelings.

I wouldn’t even have been aware that this picture above could possibly make a skinny person sad if it wasn’t for some of my other friends who have voiced their pain when people attack the skinny.

I wondered why we find this kind of thing acceptable and also find it so very hard sometimes to not offend someone at the same time.   I think deep down someone thought this could be motivational but to some it may not come across that way.

So here are my thoughts…..


What do I want to be?

I want to be a healthy person!  If you were to ask me how do I picture my “perfect body” on myself (key word myself) I would be probably about 125/130lbs, I would have some meat on me, some muscle, would love a flat stomach lol boobs that were perky (okay, I’m dreaming here that or I need some kind of awesome surgeon who can take care of that despite my blood disorder issues).  And I would look and feel healthy.

I think as long as people are healthy and take care of themselves then it shouldn’t matter and what good does it do by putting others down for them being who they are.  Why can’t photo’s like the one above say Forget cheetos I’m training to become a fit bad ass…

Sorry, hopefully that isn’t offensive to the cheetos lovers out there…. (as I slowly raise my hand).

But I am sure you get my drift.  I think sometimes we don’t realize that certain comments can hurt others.  I see big girls all the time insult smaller girls.  Saying things like how they need to eat, curvy girls are better, real men like meat not bones… I could go on and on.

And there is just as long of insults for overweight girls too and I am sure many other body types.  Sometimes, I think we are a bit too sensitive and other times I think we are not aware enough of how what we say affects others.  Especially how us women put each other down.  We have constantly tend to tear each other apart and for what?

While sometimes it’s hard to be PC remember that you can love who you are, you can love a body type without putting down someone else along with it.  You can’t please everyone but you can at least try to be aware.  This journey isn’t about who is better and shouldn’t be.  It’s about health (at least mine is anyways).  Let’s not compare each other!  Lets embrace our over all health not *just* appearance.

I’m not trying to look perfect…. I just want to feel better, look great, know I’m healthy, and be able to rock any outfit that I choose – author uknown