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Since last week I have felt BAD!  I felt very week and tired. I mean I went from the week before doing 51 jumping jacks straight w/weights to barely doing 25 straight.  I couldn’t understand it.

On top of that I was soooo very tired.  I just figured it was all PMS.  When AF came I was worse.  on Tuesday night I ended up going to sleep at 5pm I woke up for about an hour and a half at 9pm and then slept through the night.

By Wednesday I did feel a little better but the tired feeling was still there.  So today I had my INR test I had a feeling that it wasn’t going to be a good level.  Boy was I right!

Today it read 5.9 Ugh.  This is high.  Which means my blood is too “thin” which explains the tired and weak feeling.  Doc adjusted meds hopefully I will feel like me soon!

I’m not fully sure why it went up so high.  I know I was drinking on Saturday so I am sure that didn’t help but even he said it should have been down by now and plus I felt weak before Saturday.  So who knows.

At least now I know why I felt so crummy!