I am sure many of us have seen photo’s like this one below

fit-women-doing-db-pushupsFor some people this photo could be very inspiring.  Two girls who are working hard and look very fit.  Even if you don’t agree with the message the girls themselves could be inspiring to other women.

I will admit, photo’s like these do not inspire me.

Why, You ask?

First and foremost, I want to say it’s not because I am jealous.  Sure, I think they have nice bodies.  Don’t get me wrong.  I know a body like that either you have some mad genes or you bust your ass for it.  That reason alone is why people are inspired in the first place.

However, the reason this photo and not just this one but many others don’t inspire me is because I don’t know their story.  It’s the journey that inspires me.  I never understood how I inspire others.

I never understood this because to me I was nothing to be inspired by.  Here I am a year later weighing what I did the year before if not more.  I thought to myself “how on earth is that inspiring?

What I didn’t realize until actually writing this post was, it wasn’t my results on my body that was inspiring it was my journey.  In my case going through this journey and while time after time I stay in the same place I keep going.

This inspires others because they think in their minds “I would have given up“.  Seeing that someone did not give up makes them see maybe they shouldn’t give up either in their lives.  Maybe, they too will have the same outcome one day.

I am also like many others who stories like mine inspire me the most.  This is because I need to see other people like me pull through!  I know plenty who didn’t have to struggle like I do with rocking bodies.  So it takes much more than a pretty chick with a rocking body to inspire me.

Not to mention I know my body isn’t like hers, her body probably hasn’t went through the same things like mine has and hers probably never looked anything like mine either.  And maybe it has?  I don’t know.  Because I don’t know her story.

So it’s hard for me to look at her and think “I can have that” when I know there is a chance I will never look like that.

But ya know what?  I am okay with that.  I want to be healthy.  I want to be at a healthy weight.  Sure, I would take a six-pack.  Am I crying because I don’t have one? No.

Am I upset that I probably will never have one? No. I know that there is chance I could live my life with skin and I also know because of my previous clots and clotting disorder surgery to fix it may not be possible.

I also know I might never be skinny or fit.  While I hope to be and I’m not trying to be negative here, but just being real.  I know that sometimes in life things just don’t go the way you plan for it.  Even if you bust your ass.

I focus on those IN their journeys not just their photos.  Sure they can inspiring.  But those photos are not me and defiantly not my journey.  One of my newest practices is to not compare myself nor my journey to others.

So no, I’m sorry the photo doesn’t inspire me.  But what I do see is beautiful women who I pray appreciate the bodies they have.  I hope they know just how beautiful they are.  I hope they don’t take for granted every movement they make, all the work they put into looking the way they do and that they do them for the right reasons (themselves and their health).

I hope others see these photos and know that your journey has its own photo.  Photo’s don’t always tell your story.  I challenge others to find inspiration in people by the things they do not just by what you see.