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So this weekend was my son’s birthday and a good one at that which also included,  lots of good food and most were not good calorie wise.  I don’t want to call these foods “bad” because I am trying to retrain myself on that food isn’t “bad” just some foods have more nutritional value than others and I need to focus more on those.

Of course, this weekend I did not eat well and of course fluid retention was to follow.  Blah, you always have that moment after eating certain foods of “why did I eat all that?  I feel gross” but you never say that with healthier food.

So yesterday was bootcamp day and I can tell you something, going to bootcamp after a weekend of not so good for you foods makes your work out so.much.harder!

My performance totally was not up to par to what it normally is.  BUT I still had a good workout and totally sore today.  They changed yesterday up!  It’s normally cardio day and it was strength day instead.

They told us they might do this since it was obvious people knew what days to go (many don’t like strength days) but I LOVE LOVE LOVE strength days!  I like the idea of being able to do things that make me feel stronger!

Cardio just makes me wanna die lol

Anyways, so we did our gym thing and then we went to the phone store for me to get a new phone.  Mine is old, not cool lol and won’t hold a charge now for nothing.  It was time to upgrade.

I have never had a smartphone for the longest time they were so expensive and the plans were so expensive I couldn’t justify them.  But since I use Metro I was able to keep my plan and the phone wasn’t that bad at all about 150 bucks.

I ended up with the LG Optimus and couldn’t be happier.  What I love about it is will be easier for me to take pics of workouts and such unlike before because my camera sucked on my old phone.  It’s not too shabby on this one.

So I’m excited.

Oh so weight, as of today I am where I was on Thursday and Friday so I guess that’s pretty okay.  I am thinking I might be able to get back down to what I was the week before last.

Which if I am right should put me at a loss.  I have had to realize if I can only lose one week of the month that I need to make that week count and then do the best I can the rest of the month.

If my theory is correct it should work something like this…. Week 1 I lost 5.8lbs week 2-3 I gain up to 10lbs week 4 AF arrives and I go back to my low weight which puts me at a 5.78lb loss for the month.

Now if I am smart that means when the next month starts I give it my all and I lose again say I lose 3lbs that week.  Then week 2-3 I gain than AF comes week 4 I go back to that low weight which brings me to a 3lb loss for that month but a 8.8 loss for the two months.

Hope that makes sense.  I think before I got so discouraged that I lost ONLY one week a month when in reality usually those weeks were pretty decent losses.  IF I would just keep at it I think I can lose weight loss over time.

Again this is all in theory.  We shall see on week 5 🙂 So until then 🙂