tumblr_lrcs73ExRO1r32ioro1_400I have noticed over the years how quickly 1.  We as humans tend to assume and judge others A LOT and 2. We think we know how to fix everyone’s weight issues.

Let’s compare those who can’t gain vs those who can’t lose.

Those who are thin are judged and told they don’t eat enough, have an eating disorder, are sick, unhealthy and I am sure many more mean things.  I call this just flat out ignorance.  It’s like telling a person who can’t gain weight to “just eat more”.

It’s because we logically believe calories in vs calories out.  We think that if you want to lose weight ALL you do is eat less and if you want to gain weight ALL you do is eat more.


But this couldn’t be further from the truth for some people.  While yes, some people are small because they are not eating enough, they do have an eating disorder, they are sick or maybe they are just unhealthy at the same time there are some who struggle with weight loss and don’t have these problems.  Same can go for those who are overweight.

Their problems is something is wrong with their body.  Some have a thyroid issue called hyperthyroid.  Others have metabolic issues where they body burns at a super fast rate.  Or they are on a medication that is causing weight loss.  While, many would say “you’re lucky” this is a very serious problem and the person feels far from “lucky”.

Weight gain is the same thing in fact the same EXACT reasons…. A person who gains weight quickly could have thyroid issues known as hypothyroid.  They can have metabolic issues which causes them to burn at a much slower rate, they could be on medications that cause weight gain.  In addition they could be on birth control or be insulin resistance and much more.


It’s interesting how the medical community and those around us treat each one differently and yet both can have very legit medical issues.  Imagine how many people you have quickly judged based upon their appearance?

How many have you looked at and said they were too skinny, they needed to eat, they look sick or they are lucky?

How many people have you seen that are over weight and thought how they eat too much, must eat tons of junk food,  they are disgusting or don’t care about themselves?

I believe we are all human and yes, we are all guilty at one time or another to judge others.  I just wish sometimes we would just get our head out of our asses and stop thinking we know everything about everyone!


People think that “I did it so can you!” but the thing is it’s not that simple for everyone.  Our bodies are all different.  Every single one is unique.  So why do we lump every one in one tiny mold?

Why do we think it’s okay to look at someone and think we know them?  We know why they face the problems they face?  And know exactly how to fix them when we have never even walked a mile in their shoes.

Why do we feel a need to make one against the other.  Fit vs Fat vs Skinny.  We talk about healthy but sometimes I wonder do we really know what HEALTHY looks like? Do we really even know what FIT looks like?


It’s like everyone has a PHD and those with PHD’s must know everything.  The thing is we don’t.  Look at how much things have changed over the years.  How many things we thought were okay but was not?  How many were misdiagnosed?

It’s quite sad really!  Maybe, just maybe instead of making rash judgments and assumptions talk to people.  HEAR them.  Listen to what they are going through.  Don’t compare them to your friends, family members, or neighbor down the street.

Thing about how your words are discouraging to someone and hurtful.  Think about how you would feel if someone was assuming or judging you.  I live my life and try to think frequently how would I feel about this in reverse.  Sometimes I think we need to open our eyes and just take a moment to accept the possibility of being wrong.