woot woot! Man, I don’t know about you but this week has seemed super long for me.  So as of today I am up 3.4lb’s from last Friday.  Now, this is no shock because PMS time is here and I ALWAYS gain.

At first I was annoyed (like usual) because I hate seeing gains but then realized today that it’s only a 3.4 gain so far isn’t so bad.  Especially when I have gone up over 10lbs at this time of the month.

So I would call that progress.  I vow to just keep going with plan and see how this all works out.

Today, I am SUPER sore.  I really stepped it up in class yesterday and OMG I feel it today.  Not to mention but I am super tired today I hate fatigue.  Not to mention tomorrow is my son’s Birthday AND Birthday Party (he is super excited!).

I am excited for him.  He is turning the big 1-0 🙂 So this weekend I have to try to be really good since we are having a cook out.  I plan to have plenty of veggies so that will be great! I know I got this!

So what are your weekend plans?

Oh and because it’s Friday I thought I would throw in a funny… It’s Taye Diggs talking about what it’s like to be sexy it’s short but oh so funny.  I bust out laughing everytime I see it.  Love you Taye!