So tonight will be my assessment at the gym.  I’m not as worried now about not getting in for I don’t forsee them excluding someone unless I guess they have something pretty serious going on.

I think the main thing is to see where everyone is at so they can get an idea on what exercises to do.  So far he said by the assessments it seems he isn’t pushing us enough (oh lord!).

I am so sore today so I am not expecting greatness from myself today but he knows I have been busting my butt the last two days.  By day 3 we are pretty tired.  I can just imagine how I will feel tomorrow lol.

I hoped to really be able to do the C25K with this but time and issues with my knee’s are working against me.  This weekend I had to rest them one seemed to get a bit of a fluid pocket (felt so gross btw).

Either way I figure if I need I will walk more than run for the 5K in November but there is still plenty of time plus we run every class too and lots of cardio so it’s not like I’m not getting any cardio in at all.  We do quiet a bit of cardio in class.

I’m not worried either way.  I will let you guys know tomorrow how the assessment went.