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So D and I went tonight to do our assessment.  It was going to consist of a talk and some work out but we actually ended up talking the whole time.

Basically, the trainer really wanted to get a feel for the group.  He wanted to see where everyone was and what changes they needed to make in the class to make sure everyone is being challenged.

We talked about my health issues, some modifications to some work outs and about the class in general of what we would like.

He brought up that from the first day I was there until now he has noticed there were things I could not do that now I can do with ease.  He said when I come I work 🙂

I talked briefly on what I need from him as a trainer.  All in all I think it went pretty well.  We didn’t work out tonight at all.  After the meeting I had to pick up my daughter and my knee was a bit swollen from yesterday so I am going to ice it and let it rest.

Tomorrow is class again and he said tomorrow we are going to WORK! (he says this every class though lol).  But he had that look like yeah, you gonna wish we you didn’t say you needed some challenges…. Ugh.

But hey I’m not in the class to do nothing.  I am here for results which I am getting so hey.  As James says “Let’s Work!” 🙂