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So a few changes happened this month 1. I started eating smaller meals throughout the day and logging them into my fitness pal again 2. I kicked things up at bootcamp (well, they did) I started making sure I went to every class and 3. I got off my water pills (not on purpose have to wait to see doc).

Now I have tracked my weight pretty well through the past 2 years (except the one month I didn’t weigh but I still weighed in a couple of times that month).  One thing that ran true is every single month I always gained and continued to gain once I ovulate.

Like normal, on Sunday I went up (still below my “starting weight” that I started with last week).  Today I am at what I was on Thursday which if things continue I may actually continue to lose (normally remember, I gain).  Now, only one month did I do something like this but by the second week is where I steadily gained.

So, I’m not out of the woods yet.  But, I think it’s a good sign I am seeing body results, results on the scale despite being off the water pills.  Before, I couldn’t lose at all with out them.   Only time of course will tell.  So I am just requiring myself to continue on.

Wednesday is my assessment with the gym trainer.  I don’t think they are going to actually kick anyone out of the class.  What I think they are going to do is put people in groups.  He was pretty upset that people had some serious health issues and never spoke up.  He said to avoid injuries he needs to know these things (which I do agree).

But he did see apparently that he can kick up boot camp even more (oh, joy!).  I said that sarcastically lol.  Eh, as long as it works I am game.  I did pretty well I think yesterday.  I got to 51 straight jumping jacks my highest last week was 45.  So that’s improvement.  Almost to a 100 🙂

I’ll let you guys know how the assessment goes.  D and I are doing ours together after he gets off of work.  I really hope they keep us in a team I work better with him by myside.  Well, see….. 🙂