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So those who may not be a fan already to my Facebook Fan page I had a new discovery today.  So, I was in the bathroom investigating a bug bite I got the night before last that STILL itches.  I was trying all the things to make it stop with zero success.

As I am examining my arm I see this bump by my pits.  I kind of start to freak out a bit.  It was hard and I have never seen this bump on my arms before.  I stare and poke at it for like 5 minutes and then I inspect the other arm.  WTH?  There is one there too.

I look into the mirror and flex and this was the moment I felt like a big freaking idiot. I was my MUSCLES!  I kept flexing in the mirror in awe.  I figured I would have to lose a lot of arm fat to see those.  While I have a lot of hanging blah arm fat I can totally see my new muscles.ARMS

Let me say before (and I so wish I had a pic) I had the most depressing looking arm muscles if you even want to call them that.  But today, oh yeah, I have some!  So excited.  Just shows that bootcamp is totally paying off and I guess I won’t curse *as much* in my head at the instructor when we do jumping jacks with the weights.  Or when we have to do exercises raising the weights over and over again for several minutes to the point  my arms feel like jello.

I’m so excited to see some other type of progress.  Oh and to the itch did you know heat helps take away the itch?  20 seconds with a hair dryer and it’s not itching.  Yay!