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So yesterday was my first day of bootcamp in a little over a week.  The gym had the trainers take a week off to be with family and such for vacation so that meant no bootcamp for me!

I was pretty nervous because I haven’t really worked out and Monday’s are usually pretty hard not only because of the fact usually it’s like 4 days in between the last bootcamp but it’s cardio day.

I was determined this time to push.  I get so mad in bootcamp because I have to stop. A LOT! It’s not that others don’t too because they do it’s just *I* don’t want to stop.

The Warmup

So it started with our weights in hand and a 100 jumping jacks.  I pushed through 42 straight which is a record for me with the weights.  So far I could only get to 30 without taking a break.  That’s 12 more jumping jacks!

Then we did our 50 squats and I did all of those, back to 25 jumping jacks I did all of those back to 24 squats (I don’t think I did all) and 15 jumping jacks did all of those.  We didn’t do a long warm up.

Station Time

Station 1. Running in the step-ladder thing on the floor as fast as you can 3 times and then 25 squat jumps (those suck btw).  The running through was *okay* squat jumps yeah, I sucked.



Station 2. Weights and continuous jumping jacks.  This was pretty hard.  I finally got a routine of doing ten at a time and then resting.  It worked okay for me.


Station 3.  Suicides which are running to one cone then all the way to the first, then to run to the next cone all the way etc.  The first time I rocked this, the second I lost my mojo lol.


Station 4.  Resistance band squats – you step on the bands with your feet out a bit to get read for a squat and pull the bands behind your back and over your shoulders and squat.  I rock those!


Station 5.  Partner Resistance Band w/Weights. This is a two partner exercise on gets in a squat position against the wall the other is in front with an exercise band around their waist that the one against the wall holds the person w/the band around them jogs in place while pumping weights up and down.

Just imagine the girl in the pink against the wall and the girl running has weights doing air presses.

Just imagine the girl in the pink against the wall and the girl running has weights doing air presses.

Station 6.  Jump rope.  I never knew how difficult jump rope is.  We as kids made it seem so easy lol.   However, I was so excited that several times I got a good pattern going and did a few times more than 4 jumps with out slapping myself with the rope!  Don’t laugh! It hurts!  (Okay, laugh a little).

jump_rope_revTime for ABS

We start with 6 inches which is just laying on your back with you legs up 6 inches and hold.  (This is pretty hard for me!) and yesterday I held it for the entire time almost every time we did it.Pelvic Tilt Knee ups (Movement)

From 6 inches usually we go into scissors which is just again on your back, legs up 6 inches and you move your legs up and down like a scissor.  I SUCK at these and can’t do them well but did better yesterday than I ever have!


Next is what he calls go wide, same position as 6 inches just you spread your legs out and in until he says stop.  I like this one for some reason it’s almost like a break for me.


Then we have I think he calls them 20’s which is a crunch you lift you body and legs at the same time and goal is to not touch the ground.  I ALWAYS touch the ground.. Ye-OUCH!  We do both legs.


Next are sliders, get in the crunch position and you take your hands and slide them up your legs.  It’s hard to describe but it’s a good ab work out.  Your abs will BURN hard with these.


Heal toes, these are again on your back bend your knees close to you butt like you would kind of with a crunch and the goal is to slide side to side and touch your toes.  I can’t touch my toes yet but can touch my heals.


Claps…. I HATE HATE HATE claps because I am too fat to do them.  This exercise you are on your back legs up in the air and you are supposed to clap behind your legs without laying you back down.  I can’t reach behind my legs 😦 so I hate these.

– I couldn’t find a pic of an example

Scissors I don’t know the name right now after claps normally we do kind of scissors legs up in the air and you take your hands touching the opposite foot (like right hand left foot) and switch.


We do all of these and then they repeat them a million times it feels like.  Then finally class if over.

You know it’s a good workout when the trainer says okay good job give yourself a hand and more than half the class is still stuck laying down on their mats hugging it like their beds lol.


It was just the right amount of challenge for me yesterday to make me excited to go back today (which today is strength day!).  Oh and I logged my foods in MFP to yesterday.

I decided to work more on 6 or so small meals a day.  I will say that eating ever 2-3 hours I was not really hungry by dinner time.  Which normally I’m starving.  I am curious to see how it works.

It’s what worked really well with D in the past and it helps for when we don’t have a ton of money for food or we eat out.  I just get a smaller portion.  The goal though is to stay under 400 calories per meal.  I basically took what my calories are supposed to be for the day and split it up.

I feel a lot better with this but not sure how the scale will act especially since now I am not on the fluid pills.  Which mentioning those, I am surprised but I have had less swelling than normal being off of them.  I mean I have some fluid for I can see it on my ankles but not nearly as bad as normal.

I did gain 7lbs as mentioned yesterday which bites since stopping but It’s still with in the range I was staying in anyways.  If anything it will be good info to combat the doctor I am seeing in November.

I can show my food and exercise log and my weigh in logs so they can see how I am doing.  I hope this helps?  Something’s gotta right?

So what has been your most recent exercise/food accomplishment lately?