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So the weekend is over and it’s Monday.  This means 1. Bootcamp starts this week and 2. Gotta get my butt in gear.

So last week was an utter fail.  AF came of course now that it’s leaving the “me” is back.  Either way it’s all good I have a game plan in action for this month.  So I ran out of my water pills, call for another script to find they want to see me first.  No telling when that appointment will be.  Last one took over 6 months.

I gained 7lbs almost immediately (within 2 days) and have maintained it since.  Hopefully it won’t be anymore.  I find it really interesting and I think it almost tells me what little I am losing is in fact water.  I know many won’t understand why that’s a let down, but it is because it’s the same water I have been gaining and losing which means I am not losing any fat.

It’s very common being over weight to lose water no doubt but at one point eventually you would stop losing water and start the fat losing process.  I however, have not started the fat losing process.  But it’s why I am here which is to find out why!

I have two months and counting until my appointment with the Gyno Specialist.  I can’t say I’m excited.  While, I probably should be I have been let down by a lot of doctors these past 3 years so this one is just another one that I am just on the fence for.  I just pray if anything I get the hormone panel so we can if anything rule things out.

The good news is bootcamp is back in session so that means I can get back to my routine.  Which is helpful!  Last week the gym didn’t have it all week to give their staff a break.  So yeah I’m glad it’s back which also means class will probably suck today because Mondays are usually cardio days and cardio days kill me.

It’s all good though.  🙂

So what are you looking forward to this Monday morning?