So it Wednesday I hope everyone had a great Holiday weekend?  I know for me mine was part busy and part being lazy.  Just how I like my weekends!

So lately, food hasn’t been so good… Money was tight and eating has sucked although I have at least focused on smaller portions which I think is good either way.

I am also out of my fluid pills and it seems I am not able to get a new script at this time (apparently I have to wait for an appointment…. Oh, how nice).

Which also means I am up several pounds.  What’s more interesting with this is I really don’t know what I am losing when I lose weight.  When I go off these pills I tend to go to my max weight and stay there.

I really can’t wait for my appointment in November.  I do hope we scratch the surface somewhere.  This journey is frankly getting pretty old now.

AF is also here, I knew it was coming because I was peeing like all get out yesterday with out drinking a ton.  Sure enough I was right.  Good news is that means I feel “normal”.  Bad news I feel super tired.

There is no bootcamp this week which is a big fat BOO….. Since started bootcamp I now don’t enjoy doing anything else at the gym.  The though of an elliptical or treadmill is like torture now lol.

Luckily, it suppose to be back on Monday so yay for that.  Other than that not much to report.