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This was me before my class tonight and then me afterwords.

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I looked just so ready to work out huh?  But ya know what I felt great afterwords.  I love when that happens too because it makes you want to go back.

Today wasn’t too bad.  I talked to the trainer and the thinks my leg issues just might be shin splints based on location so he gave me some modifications that I could do on certain exercises and it helped a ton.

We focused on strength training today and boy are my arms and abs sore.  But I LOVE LOVE LOVE strength days.  I always feel stronger after them lol.  I have also recently noticed I can kind of do push ups now.  Of course they are still the girl ones BUT I can do several at a time now with out stopping!

That’s what this is all about though watching yourself improve.  I’m still struggling deeply with food and with finances lately it’s been hard it’s just one of those hard months.  We had birthdays and all that jazz.  But in week it will start to pick back up again.

I had started really reading how other people who weight train and who are really fit eat and I think on of the most common things I noticed is their portion size.  They eat small portions just several times a day.

So I broke up mine and decided to give it a go.  Before I always just had a calorie goal but this way while there is still a calorie goal of course it’s how I am spreading out the foods.  Instead of say not eating much in the earlier part of the day so I can eat more at night.

I think this type of eating habit is harmful to me and probably my belly too.  So far so good.  So we shall see.  I know I tend to jump around a lot with this stuff.  But I think that the main thing is I really need something that I can do.  While I love the paleo way of eating, low carb and all that jazz… Well the idea of it.

In my lifestyle it’s just not working out so well.  Some could say that’s my fault to suck it up and make it work.  I get that too.  But those I know who do things life long did things that they knew they could do.  At this point that life style is like me becoming a vegetarian.  While I love me some veggies, I also love me some meat.  I feel it would set me up for failure from the start.

It’s all a learning process and I’m still learning.  This particular journey is new to me.  I need to try it all out and see.  Either way I feel better today which is great. I felt like poo yesterday and had an icky stomach so I didn’t work out.  I really didn’t think the gym needed someone with an upset stomach jumping everywhere.  I am sure they thank me with out knowing so.

Next week might be a bit harder because there is no bootcamp all week… sigh… D said we can just do insanity instead… Oh joy lol….. Either way I am sure we will figure something out.  We always do!  Until then!