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IMG_8004So yeah, that workout yesterday totally didn’t happen.  BUT, it wasn’t my fault I swear!  Yesterday on D’s way home from work he ended up with a blown out tire.  Not only that but he didn’t have this jack in the van.

So He called me which I had to call for city patrol to help him out since we have one vehicle.  D got that all fixed up and got another tire.  Needless to say he was home well past the start of the class.

However, I didn’t want to be just a bump on a log so I decided to try out his insanity video’s his friend brought him this weekend.  My first work out was to do the fitness test.

Now, D had already done this test and said how hard it was and how he was so tired afterwords.  Let me remind you that he did this test this past weekend when we ate crap food.

With that said I decided to try it anyways.  I will say that the fitness test totally was a challenge BUT did NOT put me to sleep… Sigh, it was almost 2:30am when I realized that not only did I forget to work an extra hour yesterday (Still kicking myself for that one) BUT I also had to get up at 6am to take D to work.

Today we have a meeting after he gets out of work (which also means we have to miss bootcamp again since we won’t be home).  Our plan is to do insanity tonight and bootcamp tomorrow.

And well, I think I am going to take a bit of a nap with M and then work some after words.  I’m a little nervous because the fitness test was a challenge for me I can only imagine the first workout.  ugh.

I did okay I guess on the fitness test although I could not for the life of me do the push up scissor thing.  Man, that is harder than it looks!  My new goal for myself is to be able to do that push up lol.

So, that’s my update!  and oh, yeah the gym, so I did talk to the manager via phone yesterday and they are not going to charge us the membership fee.  At first he claimed yes, they would be.

But once I told him about our written agreement and he saw it on the contract (how can you NOT know your own contract) he said he would have to honor it. (Well Duh!).  So yeah.  We are still bring it with us incase we have problems but it looks like D will be able to do the class with me! Yay!

I will let you guys know how it goes with insanity tomorrow 🙂 Happy Hump Day my friends 🙂