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IMG_7998hahahaha look at that pic of me… I was being goofy this morning…. So today is another day of bootcamp tonight.  I can’t wait.  Okay, so I’m not THAT excited because lets face it the class sucks.

BUT ironically, I still like it despite that it sucks.  Really to be honest it’s just because the class is pretty hard for me to do.  Normally, I am the biggest girl there OR pretty darn close to it.  And I have to stop a lot.

No one is ever mean though.  Most are actually pretty supportive and helpful.  Somethings I surprise myself in.  Like yesterday I was able to do 5 jumps in a row with jump rope.  I know that seems small but my first day I could do like 1 and usually I still ended up slapping myself.

I am bound and freaking determined to do the whole 100 jumping jacks without stopping.  Right now I can only get to 30 something on the first round, the next two are far worse in numbers lol.

Squats I got down.  This girl, can do some squats!  I also rock some ab exercises.  I also tend to do pretty well with the running to the cones.  I have a habit of beating the girls next to me (of course depending on the girl).

I despise lunges and totally suck at doing them… BTW Suck seems to be the word of the day lol.  Oh and jumping jacks while holding weights not as easy as it seems…. Jumping jacks suck by themselves no need to add weights!

Oh and our gym tried to pull a fast one on us.  See D does the class with me.  Our gym offers two types of memberships.  The gold and the platinum.  His is gold which means he just gets to use the equipment and mine is platinum meaning I get to do classes, free childcare and I bring a friend for life.

When they started the bootcamp class it was a trial to see how it was so t was open to anyone.  Well, the class has been pretty successful.  So they decided to make it a class for platinum members.

Okay fine, we were thinking of upping D’s membership anyways.  We go straight to the desk to up his once we were told after class.  Well, the system was down.  However, they were like it’s okay don’t worry when it comes up you will just be billed your new membership in 14 days and that will be your new bill date.

Cool!  That’s how it worked when I upped mine.  Okay, so a few days pass and they finally fix their system.  They told us in class after that day we must be paid members to go.

So we go to up D’s now they are saying we have to pay the difference of the memberships upfront.  Now, this ticks me off.  Not because they want us to pay upfront but just days before we were told we wouldn’t need to.

I talk to corporate, they tell me the gym told us wrong the first time but offer no resolution.  Fine whatever, We were getting paid a few days later so it wasn’t a big deal.

So then on Monday we decide to up his membership.  They tell him he can after class and let him do the class.  After class they say we are to pay the difference (which I expected) but they wanted us to pay an additional 60 dollars on our next billing cycle!

Um, what?  They said it would be a new member fee… But um we are not new members and still in a year contract.  I asked for a manager but he was conveniently gone.

So we leave. I am furious because now once again I have been told something different.  So I find our agreement to the gym.  What does that agreement say?  Right here in black and white BLAST FITNESS “There is no fee to change from gold to platinum”.

I left a message for corporate to call me but either way it doesn’t matter.  This is a sign contract.  No way should they be able to charge us for him to upgrade when it clearly states in our contract that there are NO fee’s for him to do so.

So you betcha we are taking that with us today when we upgrade.  I can see now why this gym is starting to get a bad rep…. Ugh.  Other than that though we do like the gym.

I will keep you guys updated on how it goes.