So, I already confessed earlier this weekend was K’s Birthday Party and that I wouldn’t probably be eating the best.  While, I didn’t eat super horrible (it normally would have been ALOT worse) for the most part I think it was a good learning experience.

I say this because a few things did happen.  1. I found that some food I ended up eating more so because I had it vs actually wanting it.  At first I didn’t even think to eat some of it.  It just goes to show just how mental eating can be.

2. I really did feel crummy.  I felt SO SO SO tired.  Like SUPER tired.  I haven’t really felt that way much the past two weeks.  That part wasn’t fun at all.  4. I was ready for today.

So I decided there was no reason to stop or to continue eating the way I did this weekend (which consisted of some chips, cake I made, and some pasta on Sunday that I ended up not eating all of).

I will restart my count down.  I don’t have anymore event’s or birthdays for another 30 days.  So literally no excuses.  Now know, that I’m not upset with myself this weekend.

I made a choice before it came to eat the way I did.  I did make efforts to improve the way I was eating and to modify things as well.  All in all I’m okay with it.  BUT I still want to go a full 30 days of eating more clean.

I want to keep doing this until I make it happen.  Even if I have to keep trying over and over again.  It’s my goal for now.  Tonight is boot camp night.  I’m not expecting to like it much.

I didn’t get to go most of last week so yeah.  That’s my other goal to go to boot camp all this week.  (which is 4 times this week) I AM excited still about that.  I hope you had a great weekend.

What is something you are looking forward to lately?  What is one of your goals?