Well this week didn’t go as planned like at all…. I got hurt while working out and then found out I could work extra hours on Thursday so had to skip my work outs (I only have certain times I can hit the gym) and today as well.

Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday party so I am excited for her!  Then Monday it’s back to boot camp.  Boy that will be a hard week for me.  But I’m ready.  My leg is a lot better with a small amount of pain.

So far everything is going well…. Saturday we are going to add some fruit to our diet.  But everything else remains the same.  I have been feeling good which is good.

We are buying a lot of good food for the party on Saturday to stay on plan!  Which I think is important.  I will say though that normally by this time I would stop craving sugar and such but no such luck this time.

Luckily the sugar I am craving has been strawberries lol.  I guess if I would crave something at least it’s that!  I have been feeling bloated since yesterday which means I have to completely stay away from the scale now until after AF.

As a friend says I need to learn to appreciate the process not the numbers.  So that’s what I will try to do.  I am nervous about this weekend.  This is the mark going by past posts (as I checked earlier this morning).  Where I tend to start eating more foods thinking *it’s okay*.

Which tells me I am going to have to just learn self-control this weekend.  That’s all there is to it.  I am thinking of making the cake myself so that way I can control the ingredients more.  pray for us I’m not a baker lol….

Anyways, I will update you guys on Monday.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!