So on Monday I posted about getting hurt while working out… Well by Tuesday it wasn’t any better and I was limping around the house.  I promised D and was advised it was best to take a couple of days off of bootcamp to rest.

I am happy to say today it’s improving, it’s still sore but a lot better than yesterday so I *think* tomorrow I might be able to go back to class 🙂 yay… Oh wait, booo cause that also means it will kick my butt… I’m scared.  Each class is harder and harder lol.

I won’t lie the class is started to feel a bit out of my league.  It’s getting pretty intense and some exercises I can’t really do yet.  I try though.  I do have to ask for a modification for the jumping jacks for I think that’s how I hurt myself.  I have teeny tiny knee caps.

I went to a sports medicine doctor a while back and he told me I am not supposed to do things like running at my weight because my poor knee caps are so small.  He said they are actually small for my frame in general so injury might happen more often with harder impact exercises.

But oh how I love the feeling of the workout with the bootcamp.  There has to be a happy medium somewhere? I hope. Either way tomorrow I will be back at it working hard!  Otherwise in the mean time I am still eating on plan whoo-hoo….

Going on week two and I am feel good so that’s good 🙂 I can’t wait to start seeing results 🙂