So yesterday was boot camp class and the instructor was correct when he said by the end of the class we wouldn’t like him much lol.  While, I still like him yesterday was a pretty stinking hard workout.

I also ended up with a horrible pain on the front part of my leg (calf area but in the front near the bone) oh, my it hurts!  I guess shin splints?  I had it before when I did the kick boxing class but it wasn’t this bad at least that I remember.  Sigh…

So it started off with a 100 jumping jacks (straight through) oh and yeah btw we have weights in or hands too for this, of course I can’t do a 100 without stopping.  I think I got to 30 something before I had to take a moment.  It went down hill from there.  Then we did 50 squats, 25 up and downs (touch the ground and jump up) back to more jumping jacks, squats you get the idea we do the same thing 3 times over just a little less each time.

THIS was JUST the warm up! UGH….

Then we went to our groups.  Each day is something new usually there is a few exercises that are the same and some are not.  D had to go potty like right before we were to start so when he came back in he didn’t see me and joined a random group.

This sucked because I feed off of him when I exercise and my group were a bunch of lazy buns except on girl.  (one was a dude!) Dudes tick me off because they slack off and it’s like hey buddy if you don’t want to work fine, leave that class but if my fat ass can attempt this so can your butt! (these are not fat dudes mind you).

Anyways, my first station was arm raises.  10lb weight you raise your arms to the side 10X’s, then in front of you 10X’s, then with your arms together in front of you 10X’s and then you put your arms up to the sides and go up and down (like a bench press) I know these descriptions are horrible lol…

Next we had a weight bar.  We were to squat in a sitting position against the wall while holding the bar.  This exercise looks really simple but sucks after like oh 20 seconds!

My third exercise was on of those ladders on the floor and you had to shuffle your feet quickly through it repeat 3 times and then 25 jumping jacks (I think the jumping jacks is what hurt me).

Ooops I forgot this one… so those who haven’t read this one I added later because I forgot.  So we had to put a weight bar behind our head with 5lb weights on each side squat and walk down to a cone and then we did lunges back….

Number 4 was the jump rope.  I haven’t freakin jumped rope in years.  But you think in your head it’s like riding a bike right? No, not exactly.  I think once I got 3 jumps in before slapping myself.  It was a total embarrassment.  Then we were to do push ups.  I get to do the girl ones.  I did those.  25 at a time.  (I sucked in general on this one).

Then we were off to the cones.  There were only two yesterday.  You run to the first one and quickly run back and then you run to the second one and run back.  My group SUCKED at this one.  I ran that thing like 5-6 times.  The guy next to me did it twice (I kid you not!) made it hard because normally we do rotation.  It threw me off without having order.  So I would just randomly go at times I was the only one running.  (that felt weird).

The last one was the squats with the strength bands.  I normally like this exercise.  I have learned by the time you get to the last second you are so tired you can’t do the exercise well.  I did do my squats but totally didn’t rock them like I did on Thursday.

Then of course it was ab time.  Some I can do others not so much.  He decided to have us do a couple of minutes of 6 inches (lay on the floor on your back raise your lets up six inches and hold).  It seems easy to do that for JUST a minute. Well, it’s not!

For the life of me can’t do the clap.  You are to lay on your back put your legs up and clap behind your legs.  My arms seriously cannot reach.  I have tried!  it’s insane.  I also had a hard time with the exercise where our legs are up and we are touch our toes.  ugh.  It ticks me off.

Then planks.  I hate planks.  They are deceiving.  They LOOK easy.  Well he wanted us to do like 2 minutes of freaking planks.  Mind you, I can do like maybe 10 seconds at a time IF that lol…. Oh my….

It was totally one of those classes you were just glad it was OVER!  And to boot I gotta go back today…. sigh….

What sucks is we tried to up D’s membership.  We tried last week but their system was down. They told us it would be like last time where they bill us the difference 14 days later.

Well the system was still down yesterday.  During class they said we had to all be platinum members by today to go today to the class.  So after class we go to take care of it since they said the system was being fixed and should be done by the time we got out of class.

Well it was, except for as the chick is trying try post date the payment it won’t let her.  We are then told that as of THAT day we had to pay upfront if we up grade.  Well that kind of sucked because we had no money for it until Friday when we get paid.

We are a budget family like down to the dollar.  So I didn’t budget to need an extra 25 dollars.  So we couldn’t do it.  I was pretty ticked off.  Especially since we were just told 2 days before we would be billed 14 days later and won’t need anything.

The general manager said there was nothing he could do for it was corporate.  I did send a few emails (which I have heard nothing back) so it looks like I might have to do the class alone today 😦 totally blows.  D pushes me and I like it.

So anyways, that was class 🙂 each time is getting harder and harder I hope I can keep up 😦