I went through the weekend and I didn’t eat crap! Whoo-hooo…. Helped that I didn’t have any in the house but honestly, that’s never stopped me before.  Even on Saturday my MOH and I went to look at wedding dresses (You can read about Say Yes To The Dress here) Anyways, we actually packed our lunches :).

Both of us have been partners trying to lose for a long time.  She has been more successful but still not where she would like to be either.  We felt would do each other a favor and bring out own food instead of eating out.  (well we did purchase our salads at the grocery store lol).

I am in major craving time which is really really sucking for me right now because I want stuff.  Which is telling me too I am about to ovulate.  Ah the joys of being a woman!  Either way it’s all good.  I am hoping that if I continue this all will fall into place.

I was a big believer in a cheat day once a week but those don’t work for me.  I told D we will see how we do after our 30 days (for we are going on a date after the 30 days) if that one day doesn’t screw us up then we will save our “day” to once a month.  Even then we are not expecting to do extreme craziness of overeating or anything.

Today I also find out if they are extending the bootcamp class yet or not.  Right now its three days a week Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and they want to make it five.  I am ALL for this.  So we shall see.  I will let you guys know tomorrow.  Which brings me to it being Monday which is goal day!  My goals this week is to stay on plan still of course AND to do bootcamp 🙂 simple 🙂 What’s yours this week?