IMG_7923 Bootcamp day number 2 is done and I survived.  What I find more shocking is, I’m not as sore today!  Score.  I was totally afraid of today to be honest because we worked hard yesterday.  And I was pretty darn sore yesterday still from day 1.

What’s more awesome is the GM of the gym had a talk with us,  he said that they (the gym) want to keep the class going!(This class was a trial).

Since the class is filling up to 30 plus people they said they may agree to doing the class free of charge to those of us with platinum memberships (which is what I have).

We need to up Derricks membership but that’s not a big deal it’s just a 20 dollar a month membership.  It’s worth it.  We have already been thinking about upping his so on the weekends he can take M with him when he goes (since we get daycare with it) and I can have an hour alone.

Also they said that they are hoping by Monday to extend the class to 5 days a week!  Heck yea.. Not sure how I will survive the first week.  But it’s totally worth it.  They are talking about getting more supplies, allowing us to work out outside once the weather cools off and there was talk of pulling CARS! oh my lol.

I’m excited though.  I hope they do this!  I am also happy to say I have stayed on plan.  The weekend is coming up.  My BFF and I are going to some bridal stores to scope dresses for her and I am going to check some out myself.

At this point I am unsure if I will still weigh what I do now in February but figured it wouldn’t hurt to see what looks good on me now incase I still can’t lose.  Plus it helps figure out a budget.

I do hope though I can drop the pounds before hand either way lol.  I am nervous about the trial because honestly my size isn’t a common size for samples at a lot of stores so it’s pretty depressing.

But I am going to try to go in with a positive outlook and I can’t wait to see my friend in her Bridesmaid getup! Now that makes me excited!  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!  Don’t forget eat well, drink your water and get moving!