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IMG_7912So yesterday D and I went to bootcamp.  It’s a class our gym offers and D has already went to a few of the classes and liked it.  I was honestly completely afraid because it takes a lot normally for him to tell me he is sore (like really sore) and this class did that to him!

I thought it this makes HIM sore what the heck will it do to me?  BUT hey, I figured I would give it a try.  I tend to do better anyways with classes where we do exercising vs dancing.  Cough like the death by zumba experience!

So we went and I was pleasantly surprised.  The instructors were the trainers from the gym.  They were on us but still not mean which I liked.  In fact one was a little funny.  What was interesting was to see the men (aside from D) that were not really trying.

It really made me think to my head that if you are not going to take the class seriously why are you here?  You are only doing yours self a disservice by standing there (which the trainers got on to them everytime) I mean seriously there are a ton of girls here doing this stuff I know you can?

I think several of the men under estimated the class since there were so many ladies but boy were they were wrong but each one was sweating up a storm by the end.  Even the instructors had a laugh at D when we did the six-inch hold (lay on your back and raise your legs six inches and hold it there) his legs started to shake because they wanted to give but he wouldn’t let his legs do so.

So basically the class went like this…..

1. Stretching

2. Warm up which was squats, jumping jacks (so evil) and other similar exercises

Next was intervals we split into groups mine went

1. 5lb weights to your side and move your arms up to neck length 10 times then closer to your front 10 times then your arms in front of you up and down 10 times then your arms up to your side up and down (like pull ups) 10 times you did this and repeated until they told you to go to your next station.

This one is deceiving because it felt super easy at first but got hard FAST!

2. 10lb weights and we had two cones at each of the room and had to do lunges… I HATE lunges.  I survived!

3. Stretch Bands with this one we stepped on the bands put our feet out a bit to get into squat position pulled the bands behind us and over our shoulders and then you squat up and down until they call to next station.  I rocked this for like the first minute then boy it was hard and kind of hurt my shoulders.

4. Bosu Ball and a mat (since I do girl push ups still) This was REALLY hard for me.  You but the ball with the ball part facing down and hold on to the flat part for stability and then you do your push ups.  I SUCK at push ups.  What was more odd was it felt like it was pulling my c-section scar and hurt.  The trainer said next time to try to use more arms and less stomach next time to see if that helps until my core gets better.  He said it was good though shows I have some stomach muscles under there but said to not do too hard on that one next time.

5. Stretch band and weights.  This requires two people.  One takes the stretch band and puts it around their stomach the other person holds the band as they pull out and the person in front jobs while they have the weights in their hands going up and down over their heads.

So this one was funny you were suppose to count til 30 seconds I didn’t hear this.  So D starts jogging while doing his weights (which that takes more coordination than one thinks… I totally wanted to alternate arms while doing not pulling both arms up at the same time and jog) anyways, so D is jogging away and stops and goes surely it’s been more than 30 seconds… I was like what? I was supposed to count lol It was funny he totally forgave me lol

After that was crunches and stomach exercises that have my abs screaming today!  and then cool down.

It was a great class and honestly the first class where time FLEW.  By the time we got to cool down I saw there was 10 minutes left of the class (it’s an hour-long class) I was shocked.  The other classes I have taken I wanted to die 10 – 20 minutes in would look at the clock and wanted to cry because there was still so much time left lol

But with that said I feel SO MUCH MORE SORE today than with those classes.  So I know I did stuff lol… We go back on Thursday for that class so I am excited.   Today I figured I would just do the elliptical and maybe bike.  I also understand now why some of the people who went to the class yesterday stopped a lot while trying to work out because they went on Monday.  I honestly couldn’t imagine doing the class today lol.

So that was my bootcamp experience?  Have you ever done a boot camp class?  If so what was your experience?  Did you like it? Did you hate it?