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belief-believe-faith-inspiration-life-photography-Favim_com-60831It’s no surprise to me today I feel back on track.  With AF almost gone I am starting to feel “normal” once again.  I have no doubt this week I will do well.  It’s more so next week I am worried about when ovulation begins again and all goes down hill.

So given that my appointment in hops to get hormone testing isn’t until the 8th of November!!!! I had done a lot of research to find out what exactly I can do in the mean time to help my weight loss efforts along.

As I have mentioned and suspected before of course watching the carbs is one key to this but I think the biggest key is NOT going off plan.  This is REALLY hard for me to do because once the weekends get here it’s like it’s a free for all.

I don’t exactly always go nuts mind you, but more so one bad choice tends to lead to more.  I really have to try to commit to a long period of time of eating on plan and not going off.  This is especially crucial during ovulation/PMS time.

For we know I ALWAYS gain during this time of the month AND I always tend to get depressed about it.  So goal number one of this month is to try to break this cycle.  I am not doing myself any justice by getting mad and doing whatever.

While I haven’t really gained in fact I have maintained that’s not the point.  The point here is to be healthy and at this point that might mean being healthy even if it means little to no weight loss.

This is SUPER hard… I mean it’s like having a body builder lift weights who wants to be buff and then telling him to keep doing it even though he isn’t getting buff what’s so ever.  I mean as crazy as it sounds I think we all have a goal.

There is always some little reason WHY we want it.  When we are not achieving that OR it doesn’t appear we are we get upset. Or at least I do.  But this is no excuse….

So I took my pics this morning, I weighed myself (which I will be doing only once a month and after AF leaves!) and the goal is to eat on plan for 30 days.

What’s on plan you ask?  Well, meats and veggies mostly.  I do know I want to stay away from sugar the next couple of weeks.  Basically, simple and natural.  This is actually hard for me because I hate cooking and feel I suck at it.

BUT I NEED this.  I have to commit to something.  So I have told myself to respond as if it’s an allergy.  As if a doctor told me I would die If I ate it.  Not sure how long this though process will last but for now its’ what I am going with.

I am also telling myself that this isn’t forever.  While eating well obviously is but in time I can have more foods I love once I get my body in order and really get things in moderation down.  So for now somethings are just not wise.

Lastly I have decided to nix eating out.  I told D every time we think of eating out the amount we would have spent we will put away.  I think of all the places I tell the kids we can’t go because it’s too expensive and yet at times we can spend 60 bucks granted it’s not often on he and I eating just a meal!

But even those weekly 20 -30 meals add up ya know?  In a months time that’s a nice family outing.  It’s all about planning a head I suppose.  I need your help though because like I said this week I will be fine its next week when I won’t.

I need your support and kicks in the butt when I want to not do this or when I get too quiet (quiet is never good!).  Help keep me accountable.  Hopefully some day I can do the same for others 🙂