No, I’m not seeing Dr. Quack thank god!  This time I am seeing gynecologist I am hoping that they will take me seriously and MAYBE someone will figure out exactly what is wrong.

I plan to ask for a hormone panel and to find out more about insulin resistance as well as info on PCOS since my periods (sorry guys) are anywhere between 23-40 days.

I am skeptical because let’s be honest, this isn’t the first time I have fallen through the cracks.  I won’t lie apart of me slowly and surely is starting to feel like what I weigh is just my life long destiny.

It sucks, sure.   But I can’t spend the rest of my life driving myself insane over something I can’t even find out what it is and how to fix it.  I have done everything I know how to.

Now it’s time.  There has to be SOMETHING.  I KNOW it so much that I can taste it…  I will keep you guys updated.