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I am working on getting my eating in order eat more like say paleo/lower carb that sort of thing.  My problem is I typically feel like I am missing “stuff” with the low carb diets to have sweets you use sweentners but I don’t want to use those.

So for a while I was just doing meat, veggies and fruit but boy did that get boring FAST.  So I was wondering what do YOU like to make that fits say the Paleo way of eating?

I need good ideas for lunches and snacks mainly.  I’m not good with baking, but stove top is good and anything that is able to be nuked lol.  I like quick and easy.  If I have convenience and flavor I am happy.

I have found tons of recipes but it helps to know what others have tried AND like.  So tell me your tricks to eating more whole and healthy!  What is your convenience food?  Cause one can only eat so many eggs in a day lmbo.