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Like there is a “normal” person lol.  But I am sure you know what I mean.  Eat right, exercise and that equals weight loss.  I wish this was the case for me.  It’s hard not to get jealous sometimes.  But eye on the prize right?  Eye, on the prize!

So I will say I have NOT weighed myself in I don’t know when as planned.  I will measure tomorrow but not expecting much.  Won’t lie the weekend of the 4th did me in.  Mainly because we had friends over and he bought D a new grill so the whole weekend turned into a grilling weekend.  Also, D and I went to Ft Worth to look at a venue for our wedding you can read about that here and decided to have a date night.  My ex had the older ones and our friends had the baby so we went out had some wine tasting at the winery and even took home a bottle of wine (it’s sooo yummy)  dinner at a Fondue place, walked the strip and saw World War Z (awesome movie btw).  We had a great night.

AF is here, kind of sucks just 17 days after it left last time.  Plans were to go to the gym but AF has me out.  I took a nap earlier today that ended up being 3 1/2 hours.  I felt it was better to just keep rested up until it passes.  I think my levels are off, I have an INR scheduled tomorrow.  I feel pretty anemic right not so I am certain the INR will show it’s not in a normal range.  I can always tell when it’s not.  It’s kind of interesting.  My doc said he hasn’t had someone know before but I do and I am right usually.  Maybe I’m just more in tune with my body than most people?

I do however have some hopefully good news.  So you guys know all about Dr. Quack (if you don’t just type it in the search some posts will pull up about her).  Well as most of you know I am on a county health plan.  Basically it just a plan through the local county hospital that you can get on if you are a lower-income or don’t have insurance.  I don’t have insurance and due to the clots I qualify.  Anyways you just get services at a lower rate which is nice except for of course you have to use their doctors and their clinics which are obviously overfull.  So sometimes appointments can take months at best to get into.  After January when Dr. Quack said she didn’t know what could cause me to gain weight I knew we were going to have to do something else.

All my specialist are concerned and all say the same thing “Have you talked to your general provider?” Why, yes, I have and she doesn’t seem to care.  They all know the system and how hard it is to even switch doctors through it.  It’s not the best system ever.  So anyways, I remember in the clinic I go upstairs in a womans center.  SO, I called them up and asked if I needed a referral or anything to see them?  They said no! Yes! That excited me!  So they asked why I wanted to be seen (ya know if I was pregnant or anything like that) I explained no, just that I have had some irregular periods and would like to be checked for PCOS or any hormonal off-balance.  So they got me in for July 23rd.  Awesome!

I really really REALLY hope this works.  I know I would love to go to my old Gyno but with no insurance she will get expensive FAST.  Because she is good she will want a lot of tests, why I love her but we just can’t afford it.  So I need someone in THIS system to listen to me and help me.  I know there is SOMETHING we just have to figure it out so I can finally LOSE weight here!  I just want to be like the rest, eat well, work hard and see results ya know…. So hopefully this will be the start of answers.  Fingers crossed for me!

Either way it’s Monday a new week so my goals are simple I’m just taking it easy this week with AF here.  I have a lot of stuff to go through and get rid of.  Our landlords approved new carpet for our home so on Wednesday they are coming to pull up all the carpet in the house and lay down new carpet.  We are excited but eeek that means I have to get busy moving stuff into our garage area (well it’s a converted garage).  But it’s all good 🙂 Don’t forget to post your goals this week!  Hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July weekend.