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IMG_7639I have done this before, well, kind of before I just stopped using the scale but this time is a little different.  I decided for a little while instead of weighing I will be measuring weekly.

I am doing this because I found today’s measurements interesting.  I had gained a bit of weight this past week (which I expected to) but what threw me off was I lost 2lbs since yesterday which honestly started to appear as water weight today.

So I thought I will measure myself.  The last time I did so was on the 20th.  What I found interesting was I still lost an inch in a couple of places but gained a few in just my stomach area (waist hip area).  And in other areas I was the same now this was with an 8lb difference in weigh in.

That’s when I knew for sure this was a fluid issue.  I am bloating.  Obviously.  It’s PMS time it’s to be expected.  Now if I was relying on a scale I would be annoyed right now and confused because the numbers really didn’t make sense.  But all in all with the measuring I see a pin pointed area of gain.

This doesn’t really make me feel much better persay in this whole journey BUT gives some perspective.  Anyways, today marks a new month with new goals.  This months goals are we are creating a budget for me to find a doctor who can help me.  I need to have all my levels checked and sick of waiting for an appointment through the county plan.

I need to take matters into my own hands.  I have tried to fool myself that this was just me but I am certain that it’s not just me.  I need to find out what’s off so I can really give this my all be successful.  I plan to remain active and eat well in the mean time.  But my focus for now will not be pounds lost.  But more so to just see what my body is doing.  How it is gaining.  To gain as much info so I can show my doctor when I finally get to go!

So what’s your goals this month?