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birthdayWell I am officially another year older 🙂 I won’t lie as I hoped eating this week would be better, it’s not.

But it’s all good.  Some how some way I am down 3lbs from Sunday.  I don’t get my body it makes ZERO sense.

It’s weird how I can eat “bad” and still fluctuate the same weight as I do when I eat good?  How does that work?  I am convinced I need professional help with this at this point honestly.  I’m just not sure who is the right doctor to go with?

I’m not upset or anything just find it quiet interesting.  How one can do eat on plan and lose the same amount of weight as they do off plan?  But in either plan I am still going no where.

I know there has to be a reason why my body is holding on to this weight.  I just have to figure it out.  I need to keep pushing.  I will say that trying to eat mostly just meat/veggies IS HARD.

One would think this was simple?  No, it’s not.  As a mom who is either working, dealing with kids OR on the go it can be difficult.  Especially if you hate to cook like I do.  It’s not impossible by all means.

BUT it does get boring.  Any help on some good balance with this might be good to know?  Anyways, this is my Birthday Week so I promised myself I wouldn’t stress myself about weight so I am just going to enjoy my week!

Hope everyone else is having a great “Hump” day 🙂