So Saturday was supposed to be a party for my youngest daughter who turned 2 on the 16th and a party for me for my birthday is on the 26th.  I was upset at first because we had a lot of people who couldn’t come for one reason or another.

BUT I got over it and we decided to really just celebrate my daughter.  And ya know what?  I had a great time! Eating wasn’t great, and like I said on Friday I won’t be upset by any gains, which boy O boy is there a gain.

I’m not upset though, see I can handle gaining when I eat bad, it’s expected.  D and I agreed this weekend that any “bad eating” can be once a month.  Each month we have one event.

We can use that day to eat and not worry as much.  I figured about 4 weeks of good eating one day shouldn’t kill ya.  Unlike 5 days of good eating and 2 days of not totally does.

It amazes me how it takes me 5 days to lose 2 days worth of eating.  Totally NOT fair lol  I swear it comes on a heck of a lot faster than it goes off.  At least for me it does geez.

So with it being Monday the goals are… To exercise of course (will be hitting the gym hard today), Saturday I have a walk meet up with my fitness group so that’s fun and can’t wait for that.

Eating good ALL week AND weekend.  I need to see what happens staying on plan all week with zero “off” days.  I am hoping the weight will stay down which if it does I should start having progress.

I figured in time as the weight finally comes off an off day here and there won’t hurt me as bad as it does now.  But I will keep my focus on an off day once a month.  I want to keep things in reason.

I don’t expect to never have days where my eating isn’t the best.  BUT I do want this weight off and well getting it off is more important than having some cheese dip and chips.

So all in all I’m in good spirits.  It will be a good week 🙂