So yesterday I was pretty excited to weigh in this morning.  I’ll give you a little recap. *disclaimer* I weigh in daily for health reasons directed by my physician.

So last week you might remember my annoyance of being 294.0 (which I have been the last oh month on most Friday’s weird huh?).  Anyways, So Thursday I was 294.0 by Monday I was 298.8 this was the point where I was like that’s it! I have to just do something full force!

So steadily each day I lost weight.  I was excited!  Progress was being.  Now mind you,  I KNOW my body pretty well.  On Wednesday I started to get signs of Ovulation.  By Thursday the loss slowed down a bit I was 292.2 yesterday.

Still excited because for WEEKS I have ended the week at 294 something.  So this morning I stepped on the scale and what did that fucker say? (excuse my french?) 294.2 you bitch I thought to myself!

I’m not mad, I AM NOT MAD or at least I keep telling myself.  Disappointed yes, but hey.  I told you I thought I was ovulating and I ALWAYS gain.  I am almost certain there is science behind this because I shared this info with other girls and they started paying attention to their weight and ovulation and they had a spike too!

BUT Here is what Fing sucks!  AF JUST left a week ago.  I am ovulating several days EARLY.  Well, I say early my period has been EVERYWHERE for months.  I am going between 20 days to 40 days.   How on earth am I suppose to make progress at this rate?

My two freaking week PMS period totally kills my weight loss progress everytime and my mental state as you are all aware of.  BUT, I shall carry on.  By all means first off I am down 4lbs since Monday that IS still progress!  Great progress actually!  All this means is just keep chugging and sticking to the plan.

It will be great info for my doctor though when I get to see her (hopefully next month).  This isn’t Dr. Quack BTW.  I hope to guard her with all my lovely info in hopes she will find what’s the dealio in my weight fluctuation.

In the end I refuse to be upset.  It’s still a loss… I was steadily gaining last weekend.  I am still down from that weekend into Monday.  I Know my body gains during this time which also means for the next two weeks I cannot expect much of a loss.

Which sucks.  Why is it I can only lose weight ONE freaking week a month (the one week that isn’t taken by AF or PMS) this seriously can’t be normal?  Is it? Ugh, any other crazy ladies like me who have a limited of weeks they lose?  Crazy PMS?

I will say the pro it’s ONLY 2lbs so far compared to my 10lb PMS gain (though PMS isn’t here full force that will be next week).  My Birthday Party for M and Myself is Saturday.  I thought all night last night of good foods to have for it 🙂 Though won’t lie there will be rum (hey it’s low carb lol).  And well, I plan to eat a cup cake (hey! it’s my birthday party too! A Girl should have cake for her b-day!). I promise to not freak out on Monday by a gain.

All in all it’s all good because I will get through this and figure this out.  Day by Day right?