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belly-2354_640To my surprise and I didn’t plan it to be this way, it has been exactly a month since the last time I measured myself.  (I measure myself 1X a month).

I knew there would be some losses because the scale was smaller this morning vs the day last month.

This past month I have been hitting the gym about three days a week and when I do I hit it hard.  My eating hasn’t always been the best but the past month I have started to make great efforts.  Now that AF is gone that means all the bloating I complained about two weeks ago is gone to.

So now on to the measurements.  I was quiet shocked to find over all I have lost 31 inches this month.  I know!  CRAZY right???? Who does that?  I guess inch loss is much easier when 1. you retain fluid and 2. your highly overweight?  I wish I could notice this in my pants.  Given the amount of loss I would think I would. (Also note I measure a lot of me since there is a lot of me lol)

So the break down 

Neck – Same

Bust – -3 (the biggest part of your bust)

Under Bust – -2 (around the bra band)

Upper Pudge – -2 (yeah, best to measure this since it’s usually bigger than your waist I can’t wait until this number is equal to my waist!)

Waist – -4 (I was like wah?)

Lower Pudge – -7 (I measured this FOUR times because I thought it was wrong) This area I believe retains fluid and is also bigger since I gave birth…. What kids do to ya!

Hip – -2 (lets face it I am not sure where my hips are any more this is basically the under the fat belly area right now sad I know).

Right Leg – -2.5

Left Leg – same (I think this leg is swelling some today makes sense it’s a bit sore)

Right Calf – -1

Left Calf – -1.5

Right Ankle  – .5

Left Ankle – Same

Right Arm – -1.5

Left Arm – -1

See all those PINK colors??? Those are LOSSES Baby!  It’s actually the most I have lost with the lowest lost numbers since I kicked started back in January!  That’s a lot of progress in a month!

I really contribute it to everything I am doing.  The workouts, eating, vitamins, supplements, and my mental state of not giving up.  All combined seem to be a good mix for me.  Let’s see what next month brings!

I really hope this month is different…. Help keep me accountable guys!  I need you now more than ever!  Don’t let me ruin this progress.  PMS is a week away (which usually means a gain) I have to remember TODAY!