IMG_7519Ya know, I think I am figuring out this lifestyle change people are always talking about.

Two things I have found to be true are:

1. Any way of eating is essentially a “diet” we have this idea that diet equals a short term.  But all in all if you eat you have a “diet” just may not be a healthy one.

2. Most “diets” work, just because you gain weight after words doesn’t mean the diet failed it means YOU changed your diet.

This I think,  is the reason that sparked the whole “Lifestyle” change so many talk about.

I don’t know why this word urks me because it does lol….

I always say well,  it’s just a way of eating….  And I am right it is. How you choose to eat the rest of your life is a “lifestyle” AND a “diet”.  

No need to hold on to technicalities though right? right! What it all comes down to is whatever it is that you choose to do you have to make a choice that this “diet” or “lifestyle” isn’t a temporary one.  It actually has to be long-term hence the name “lifestyle”.  You have to be committed to do this for LIFE!

If you can’t drinks shakes everyday for LIFE then it probably won’t work out for you.  But one thing I will say if we had to we could do just about any diet for life.  We just CHOOSE not too!  This is something I am really learning especially this year.

I never knew that this journey would have so many life lessons.  I am learning that just because I WANT something it may not be what I NEED.  I also learned I am NEVER going to figure this stuff out until I do something consistently for a period of time.

There are somethings I had been consistent in the past with and I think at that time I just focused more on how slow things were progressing instead of looking at the big picture.  Because of that I feel I wasted a year in this progress.  

Well, I hate to say waste, because it’s a learning experience.  BUT you know what I mean right?

So anyways, as I mentioned earlier this week about my suspicions of not being able to handle certain carbs well.  I really have become to wonder if I was insulin resistant.  I had to finally tell myself just give it a go LONGER than a freaking week or two!  

Just stick with it.  I mean my son LOVES foods with red dye 40 but can’t have them because they harm him and well frankly we would like to not have to use the epi pen!  His love for this food isn’t worth his life and even at 10 yrs old he gets that.  I figure if a 10 yr old can get a well my age doesn’t matter, I should be able to get it to.

I’m not saying I will deprive myself of foods.  BUT I will have to learn to say no to foods that are no good for my body.   I had to really start asking myself how important is this item?  Is this worth eating this?  Everything I eat now I ask myself is this going to make you feel better OR worse after you eat it?

I don’t want to associate good food vs bad food but more so focusing on foods that work right for MY body.   Everyone is different and you have to find the balance that works for you.  I am still finding mine.  I have done a ton of research on what we do already know and time and time again I have said I NEED to watch my carb intake and sugar.

This isn’t to say I can’t have ANY by all means it doesn’t.  BUT I need to have smaller amount then probably the average person.  I have to get it through my head I am not like the average person.  My weight loss is not like the average person.  My journey is not like the average person.  Why do I keep treating this like the average person?

I can’t.  I have to just learn to say no.  Just like I do with my kids.  They want three slices of cake I would say no, why would I not the same for myself?  Why is something good for them but not good enough for me?  I have to learn that I DO hold control.  I can’t control the way my body responds to certain foods just like my son can’t control he is allergic to red dye 40.

BUT I can control how I will life my life with it and to find other things in life to enjoy besides food.  With that said, I am off to work out!  Later Gater!