This past weekend was a weekend of horrible choices.  It was, I will be honest.  You guys know me by now, I’m not going to lie.  Why should I.  It does me no service to do so.

I know that any weight gained this weekend was my own.  I know how to do this journey.  I am just annoyed with the journey.  But, D and I talked last night and we are committed to this journey.

We have each others backs.  We are going to figure this out if it’s the last thing we do!  I told him that we are going to have to start asking ourselves how bad do we want this food we are eating before we eat it type deal.

I know this coming Saturday is a birthday party for my daughter who just turned 2 and for myself (my birthday is on the 26th) so of course we will have food and after the kid part of the party there will be drinking.

At first we were going to hold off on eating great lol until after but figured miles well start now.  I will just come up with ideas for the party.  Can’t say I won’t drink BUT doesn’t mean I have to go nuts with food and sweets either ya know?

So that’s my goal this week.