Well the water weight is off! Phew!  I am glad.  I am expecting a bigger loss next week since AF is here my weight is always slightly higher the week of still.  So I’m not expecting much tomorrow morning.

I had my hematologist appointment yesterday that was pretty pointless.  Was just basically told they don’t need to see me unless I get more clots (which isn’t a bad thing) and I will be a lifer most likely on the blood thinners (already knew that).

So really the appointment felt a bit of a waste of my time especially since I already had a coagulation appointment on Monday (which since they did my INR which was low and said to just talk to the anti-coagulation on the dosage) to just see if they want me to up it and that be that.

I don’t really see a need to go back on Monday.  If I don’t have to.  All in all things are fine.  I haven’t done much in the work outs this week AF wasn’t being too nice! I am feeling a lot better though!

Not much else to report today 🙂 bye for now.