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So after talking it over with a nurse, we have decided it was best for me to stay on the water pills.  While, yes they are not solving a problem they do help a symptom. Which in my case is swelling of the feet/legs.

First day back on them I lost 3lbs that morning.  Next day AF came and I lost 5 more lbs.  2 more lbs and I will be back full down to what I was.  I have to say that Water weight sucks!

I just wish I could get to fat loss at this point.  I feel like each month all I am doing is gaining and losing the same fluid but I’m not making any actual progress.  I am tracking my eating this week to see where I can spruce things up.

All in all it’s a decent day.  I feel tired and blah but all in all it’s a Monday lol.  I have a Hematologist appointment on Wednesday, not expecting too much in that area.  I also have to get a hold of my docs office and find out why my appointment is taking so long.  I really want to check to rule out PCOS.

Fun fun…

Oh, and It’s Monday so goals this week are to work out at the gym 3 times this week and to eat well ALL weekend!