So I took myself off my fluid pills while they do help I didn’t want my body to depend on them which is something my doc and I talked about previously.  Plus it wasn’t like I was losing tons of lbs just been maintaining I guess between the same 10lbs.

Anyways, so since Monday I have gained 7lbs total since going off.  I even ate GREAT the past two days and gained 1.5lbs each day…. Sigh…. It is PMS time too so that maybe a factor as well but it’s pretty annoying…

I feel like when I lose weight all I am losing is water and NOT fat which is what I need to lose.  Going off the pills makes me kind of see just that.  I figure I will try a few weeks without them and see what happens.

If the weight continues to creep up despite exercise and diet (I have worked out everyday this week) then I will have to get some medical help on this one.  I was pretty upset this morning when it showed I gained even more!  I know losing weight can be hard but seriously, it shouldn’t be THIS hard! Maybe, it’s just PMS bloat.