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So last night D and I went to the gym to do our kick boxing class that we just started doing.  The instructor was late so one of the ladies went to see what the deal was.  Turns out the instructor quit!

Ugh, just when I found a class that only I like but D and I were doing together.  It was nice!  I am so annoyed.  So we decided to just work out.  I hit the weights first since I already did a warm up before the class.

I did harder weights than normal and then decided since I had about 20 minutes left to do the bike.  Now the bike is a deceiving device. You think because you are sitting that it’s easy.

It is easy if you work on lover resistance levels.  But I like to change it up.  So I did my 5 minutes on level 5 (the levels go a high as 20) and then after the 5 minutes I did level 11.

I could only survive 2 minutes and then went back to my five.  I did this for a total of 15 minutes and I was done.  OMG that was a work out (I forgot just how much since I haven’t done it in weeks).

My poor legs feel like jello!  So all in all I was still happy.  D on the other hand not so much.  Since he thought we were doing a class he didn’t bring his phone/music player and apparently he can’t work out well with out music.

My phone isn’t so savvy so I am use to no music.  All in all it was still a great workout.