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Another week has come and gone… Each week I like to set goals for myself.  While, I don’t always succeed in them I think it’s a good thing to have and it helps jump-start the week off on a good foot!

So this week I wanted to challenge myself.  Normally during the week it’s easy for me to usually work out 3 times a week at the gym.  However, this isn’t always the case.  Since the days I can hit the gym the best are Mon-Weds with a break on Thurs – Friday by Saturday and Sunday I don’t want to do anything.  Thus making it harder to start back on Monday!

I want to change this.  While, I know logically that I don’t always have transportation to the gym on Thursday and Friday and I work nights this doesn’t mean that I have to skip a work out.   I can still walk, do a video, or play one of our xbox games with the kinect.  I need to put in my mind that just because it’s not the gym doesn’t make it less of a work out!

This way by Saturday and Sunday I might be more successful at working out as well.  I think if I keep it as a daily habit then I will be more willing to stick with it.  I have found when I have “days off” on things I do worse (like with food).  But I just need to keep it realistic too.  Like on the weekends I can make it a family walk where it’s not a gym work out day but it’s still exercise AND I still have time with my family.

Things like these are simple changes.  That’s my goal, slow simple changes.  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  So what’s your goals this week?