It’s easy when that scales creeps up to feel discouraged, one of the bad things about doing official weigh in’s on Fridays and tending to be an emotional eater is what the scale says sometimes can put affect your eating over the weekend (of course if you choose to let it affect your eating).

Of course you know, I had the no F’s it’s anyways, so I didn’t “plan” on eating bad or anything of that matter BUT I will say I was a bit down yesterday.  All week I was losing and then I stepped on the scale 295.5 (or something like that) of course an hour later it said 294.4 I still was not pleased.  I was 294.4 last Friday.

Even though I knew I was 297 on Monday, even though I know I am dealing with PMS see how you trick your mind to think you did “less” or you didn’t make progress??? Of course I made progress.  I LOST during PMS that’s HUGE and a big deal.

With that the scale said 293.5 this morning.  I won’t lie I was SHOCKED because I felt like I was eating all day yesterday because I just felt so hungry?  I also had to work so I didn’t work out (though this doesn’t surprise me sometimes take a day off shows a lesser amount on the scale the next day).

Either way it was JUST the motivation I needed to eat great this weekend.  It looks like what I am doing is working and the vitamins/supplements were very much needed!  That’s good.  So hopefully this will continue.  🙂 I’m so excited today.