Well the scale was a bit confusing this morning.  I know I am PMSing and totally know this affects the scale.  Still it’s annoying.  I weigh in daily and do get that changes often too.  I weigh daily because I am supposed to track my fluid issues.

Anyhoo, I weighed in when I first got up and it was 295.4 (which is a lb up from yesterday ugh and also a lb from last friday BUT still down from Monday if that all makes sense).  The I rested with M on the couch and lounged around for an hour weighed again and it was 294.4.

This isn’t the first time where I noticed I weigh less about an hour after I get up?  Is that weird?  It’s anywhere between oz’s to sometime a lb or two! Anyways, it is a bit annoying because the 294.4 is exactly where I was last Friday.  However, I have been doing a harder workout this week SO with that said it’s not uncommon for me to gain a bit due to fluid retention I suppose.

Either way on Monday I was 297 so it’s still a loss this week non the less I just hope I can stop this yo-yo weight issue because it’s driving me insane.