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IMG_7432So this week D and I attempted a new class that the gym, Turbo Kick Boxing.  I have to say we LOVE it.

The first time was Tuesday and I did have to stop a few times but will say we were the only two that were there from beginning to end.  The second class was tonight and I only stopped and sat out once.

That was due to this horrible plain on the front of my lower leg (which I suspect is shin injury).  Boy does that hurt.  This means I am full initiated in the fitness world right?   I still carried on but didn’t do all the jumping/twisting and such through the rest of the class.  And let me tell you there was some sweat! oh lord does that class get me all worked up.  BUT I love it.

I will say that while I LOVE the class even though some of it I can’t do well yet, I kind of hate being the fattest person there.  I know I know, I am trying and it’s good that I am there.  It’s just sucks seeing ME in all those mirrors… ugh.  I just kind of sucks being the biggest one 🙂

BUT I will say that it’s a little reassuring to see others struggle just as much as I do.  Infact, on our first day several sat out before I did.  And several left (as I mentioned we were the only ones left that were from the start).  So that was nice, given it was just D and I!  So I think I found a class we enjoy and we just love the instructor.  She is patient, shows alternatives for moves and explains things really well.

Tomorrow is weigh in Friday…. I’m not expecting much since my weight jumped up on Monday.  I went from 294 on Friday to 297 on Monday BUT I think I will either be the same or down a little.  That’s okay though because last Monday I was 299 so that’s good 🙂 PLUS this is PMS week so the fact I am still losing is a great sign.

I haven’t been doing much honestly to lose, I started taking certain vitamins again (vit D and magnesium) of course my normal pills, I have worked out everyday this week, and I just eat less than normal.  I made a promise to myself that I had to try to eat half of what I normally would OR I just make better choices with my meals :).

So far so good.  This weekend will tell for sure.  I am not going to blow it! Anyways, tune in tomorrow to see what the scale says.