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As I mentioned last week I will be logging my weigh in’s.   Last week on Monday I was 299.4 by Friday I was 294.4 which is a 5lb loss.  However, I did go up on Saturday Morning but ovulation/PMS is already back seems AF will be early this month.  So I expect a gain this week.  The goodnews is hopefully since I expect it to be gain maybe it won’t make me as angry when it happens (which the gaining already has begun since I weigh daily)!

All in all I am happy with the loss but still skeptical.  It’s hard to get excited because the past two months I have been in the 290 to 300 range all month.  So mini goal #1 is to stay out of the 290 range. I hope to be under 290 by the end of July.  I am working toward each month losing and not fluctuating.  After going to hospital we found I was deficient in a few vitamins (potassium, vit D, B-12) so I am back on those.

This should help at least with the progress.  The rest is up to me really.  I think this year is super hard for me because apart of me is in the burnt out mode.  Last year I was so motivated.  Weight loss was happening but extremely slowly.  Once I stopped trying as hard it just stopped and eventually even with trying I gained.  I felt so defeated and still do at times.

I keep hoping it’s just me of why I am not losing and keeping it off.  IF it’s just me then it’s just me I have to work on.  I fear though, I may be wrong or actually right that it’s more.  But for now my focus is the just me.  Hard to really give doctors full data if I keep saying F it after a couple of months.  I need concrete stuff if this doesn’t work so maybe, eventually, someone will find out what’s up.  Hopefully, though it won’t have to come to that.

It’s a day to day progression.

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend?  We had a great time, Saturday was my oldest birthday.  I can’t believe she is already 13 yrs old.  Yikes, I have a teenager!  Where does the time go??? We had a slumber party for her and 3 of her friends and it went great!  The girls were wonderful.  Sunday and Monday were just relaxing for the most part and D on the grill.  I couldn’t ask for a better weekend really.

Things will be busy for a while, for I have been devoting more time for work but I will do my best to keep posting on here so you guys don’t forget about me!  57 more weeks 🙂