So when I told my friend that my gym offered a zumba class that I could do as apart of my membership AND I could bring her for free It thought to myself, “this could be fun!”

Most of everyone I know that has done Zumba has loved it.  I mean I did try the pro for the Xbox 360 Zumba and it was kind of fun… I mean I liked it much better than Dance Central which kept telling how sucky of a dancer I was.

So I thought to myself “How bad can it be?”.


The class first gets delayed by 15 minutes because our instructor takes FOREVER to get there.  However, once she got there it was game time.  The the music starts and we start moving.

We start doing squats, jumping jacks, and more jumping…. All these fast moves and even more jumping.  I am sweating pretty quickly at this point and it really doesn’t feel like “Zumba”.

Either way I was ready to die!!!!  Then the instructor stops, tells everyone to take a small break and get water.  My friend and I do so and then I realize holy hell, that was just a warm up!


So the salsa music begins and the instructor lady starts doing moves to which I begin to believe that her butt is not completely attached to her body.  I figured this must be the only way she can booty bump without moving anything above her belly button all while going in circles.

My body was very much confused by the fast pace of the music to my butt giggling in places a butt should NOT giggle among other things.  I had a few bouts of just standing there staring in the moment of Really????

Sorry my butt just can’t do that…. I am a perfectionist about this kind of think and if I can’t “get it” then I can’t get into it.  Besides that I can’t freaking breathe!  The room is hot!  I am dying slowly…..

My chest was getting pretty tight which was scary (this lead to the ER trip two days later).  My friend tells me that if I need to go we can.  I tried to keep going.  I noticed to two ladies behind me who once were there (who were about my size) are now gone.

I won’t lie it was a small victory… ha, I stayed longer than they did…. And then, I stood in the back.  The only validation I got was the one girl who was pretty small and looking like she was going to die, looking at me in the way of girl, I understand.

Shortly after I called it… 15 minutes into the actual Zumba and I was done…. I hate it… Infact, I was telling myself over and over again I will never do that again.  I felt stupid doing the moves, I know it didn’t look attractive lol.

Feeling like you are going to die is not much of a motivator to want to come back tomorrow lol….

I came home and the next day even googled…. I hate Zumba looking for some justification that I was not the only person who did not infact like Zumba.  I was quickly, justified after pages of pages of different types of people who they too were just not feeling it.

One personal trainer really said it the best though, she was taught when you teach a class you break down the exercise/dance and offer modifications.  I won’t lie something like this would have been very beneficial and maybe, my experience wouldn’t have been so bad!

All I know was my body was confused lol….

Now that I have had about a week to sit on it, I will say I probably would try another Zumba class again (probably not that one until I more fit) but I wouldn’t mind finding maybe a beginners? lol.

All in all it wasn’t the best of experiences and surely don’t know how overweight people do it and like it lmbo.

Anyways…. So that was my experience.