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So the past few days I had noticed some shortness of breath.  Nothing terribly bad but enough to notice.  It totally made Zumba hard to do which I will talk about the Zumba experience tomorrow.

Anyways, after much thought given my medical history it was one of those better safe than sorry cases.  I started out at the outpatient clinic but they decided I needed further testing so sent me to the ER.

Luckily all is well.  They did not find any new clots, however, they did say even though they didn’t find any didn’t mean there were not any OR were any.  Given I am on the treatment already all is good.  AND a shout out to the nurse who did my IV I barely felt it and to boot, a few minutes after she did it, it hit me I had an IV.  Right before she walked out the room I gave her props for it!


I really didn’t want to go because I knew it was probably “nothing” but they insisted that it was a good thing, this way they can try to keep track of the clots if more come about.  As always was told if it comes back or gets worse to come back.

I was there from 3:30pm til about 1 something am.  It was a LONG day…. What made the experience even more fun is it’s a county hospital so all the crazy people go there (and I do mean crazy) and inmates as well… There were a few scary moments to say the least.

BUT I’m a live and “well”…. I am just thankful I wasn’t admitted I hate it there.  Tune in tomorrow to hear about my zumba experience.