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As usual AF comes and life goes back to normal.  The 10lb gain that appeared 3 weeks ago disappeared and I finally felt like me.  I really need to learn to just listen to myself instead of others.

I know each time I have PMS I gain around 10lbs give or take and that stays on my body until AF comes.  This has no bearing on what I eat or do.  Infact, I hate whatever the heck I wanted and still when AF came was down those 10lbs.

I am still going to see the doctor to make sure everything is okay.  My periods have been all over the place and I’m not sure why.  Either way since I am feeling normal life is back to normal.

Tonight I am doing the Zumba class for the first time with my bestie… So excited and a little scared lol I have never done this class before.  Eating is good today.  Things are good.

So happy Monday to everyone 🙂 Here is to a new week!