For the time being I will not be posting for a while…. I have come to a point in this journey where until I get to the root of what is medically wrong with me despite what we know (who knows my thyroid could be off again), of why everything I am doing is only working for a short while (and even then it’s a pretty slow loss).  I think I am going to refrain from blogging.

I am tired of trying to explain my story.  For those who have not read I ask you read where it started, from there you can read all about the birth of my babies (which my third is when things got bad and the health issues really started to arise), you can also learn about hypothyroidism that I have and the pulmonary embolisms and my journey on finding out about my blood disorder Factor V Leiden which is when we found the clots in my lugs.

I don’t claim to be perfect.  BUT have educated myself A LOT in the world of nutrition.  I have seen numerous doctors and while many are concerned most were not in the field to help me (if that makes sense).  I have since then come to the conclusion I we will be a self pay patient to get a full hormonal panel to rule out any other possible issues, deficiency, PCOS, or anything else we may have over looked.

This process is new for me.  Before when I was bigger (not nearly this big) I COULD lose weight it was just about doing it, putting in the work.  However, ever since the clot issue I am having a very hard time.  I am struggling with weight gaining up to 7lb’s in a day (this is NOT normal).  However, I am happy to report my clots seem to be MUCH better.  I have not had breathing issues in quiet some time and work outs are getting easier (it’s still hard to do things at the gym but I can do them).

I just don’t want to hurt people’s feelings.  I am on edge and coming to the end of my rope at this point trying to figure out exactly what we (my spouse and I) need to do to move forward with this.  So with that said until I feel like I can be a more “positive” poster I will refrain.

Thank you to those who have supported me.