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So depressing, Last week I was 293 today I was 300.6 really??? Heck I was 297 just yesterday!   AF is due any day now so I know this should go back down.  17 days ago I was 289 and happy then PMS came and was mean!

Normally, this excess goes away and I should return at or close to the 289 but still. It feels like two weeks a month I get NO progress.  So I really only have like 2 weeks if that to lose weight.

It’s really really OMG REALLY annoying.  Those two weeks really F with my mind.  But good news is the challenge is over that I had with my mom’s group.  Today I am only 2lbs from when I start but if you go by 17 days ago LMBO I had lost 13lbs.

Anyways, since the challenge is over once PMS hits I will not weigh in until after AF comes.  This way I don’t have to freak out lol.  I KNOW I WILL gain and I also know once AF comes I WILL lose.  But it still plays tricks on the mind so I would rather avoid the scale those days.

In the mean time I will just keep doing what I gotta do.  Hopefully in the coming months when I will be able to see a different doctor maybe, just maybe we will get some freaking answers.