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self-sabotageI know many say it’s easy… But for me, it’s not!  It’s hard work.  It’s hard to know what is working for you, your lifestyle, and your body.  Sometimes, I feel defeated when I do everything right and I don’t get anywhere.

I get annoyed when I see people surpass me doing far less.  I get jealous and won’t lie about it.  It’s wrong but it’s still there.  I then go into self sabotage mode which is stupid because it just makes everything worse and accomplishes nothing.

That’s how I feel.  The two weeks before AF are so bad.  My moods are everywhere, I am bloated, I crave crap, I feel horrible, I don’t want to work out and when I do it’s not even satisfying, I’m negative and just flat-out BLAH!

It’s annoying.  I hate it, I don’t want to be like this.  But man it’s so hard to change!  I have looked up things for PMDD most treatments I have found also require birth control which I can’t take.  But there has to be a solution somewhere.  I mean who can have one “normal” week a month.

Being a girl sucks sometimes.  Ugh…. Either way, it’s Monday.  My goal for this week is to not be so hard on myself! What’s your goals this week?