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well, the water weight is slowly melting off.  I know on Monday I posted about being 297 this morning I am 292.  Given I was as high as 300 last Tuesday I would say it’s most defiantly water weight!

It’s going all over the board though, I suspect this to happen for the next week.  So I am trying my best to just not worry about it.  Aside from that yesterday I just had zero desire to do pretty much anything.

I don’t know what hit me?  Maybe the burst of a cold front we had. I wasn’t depressed or anything just didn’t “feel like it” type deal.  Everyone in the house felt like that.  Good news is I feel much better today.  So I expect to go to the gym tonight! yay!

I am still sticking to my goal of 3 workouts this week which is still totally doable.  All in all it’s an okay week.  What do you do on your blah days?